About Old-Time Gospel Songs


These old-time gospel songs that we write commentary on are loaded with gospel truth.  They  speak of the cross of Christ, the power of the blood, and freedom from sin.  Many of these songs were written in the eighteen hundreds.  These gospel songs are the evidence left behind for us as to what they sang, believed, and preached during times of great revival in our nation.  These songs are the fruit of the Second Great Awakening.  These are also the types of songs that people were singing and believing when God poured out of his Spirit at the turn of the twentieth century.

This brings us to a most important question.  Why are these songs very seldom sung in our churches today, especially in the “full gospel” circles, where for the most part these old-time gospel songs have been abandoned and replaced by new “worship” songs? Could the answer to this question sadly be that we no longer believe what these songs say?  Isn’t there a correlation between the lack of the preaching of the cross in our modern churches and the lack of old-time gospel songs being sung?  

Many in the modern church no longer believe in “the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb” that not only  cleans the inside, but also even makes the outside “garments spotless” and “white as snow.”   Many no longer believe, “He that is dead is freed from all sin," or "Holiness now the pathway I tread," or "Buried with Christ, and dead unto sin," or "I with Him was crucified," or "While he keeps I can not fall," or "My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness," or "On the altar sanctified, To the world and sin I’ve died," or "It will cleanse from every sin, It will make you pure within," or  "I have peace and joy within, since my life is free from sin," or "Earthly pleasures cannot charm me. No delight in them I see," or "I am so wondrously saved from sin," or, "I plunged beneath the crimson tide, And now by faith am sanctified," or "He cleansed my heart from inbred sin, And now He keeps me pure within."    

They no longer believe it, so they no longer preach it or sing about it.  The enemy has crept into the church and has stolen the precious gospel truth and has replaced it with “another gospel which is not another,” thus robbing us of the victory that can only flow from believing a pure gospel message of the blood and the cross of Christ.  

Notice that a common theme throughout these gospel songs is freedom from sin.  Freedom from sin is the heart of the Gospel and is a scriptural term.  In Romans the 6th chapter, the Apostle Paul declares “free from sin” three times.  In our modern churches, this term is seldom used.  Even those who do mention the cross and the blood in their teachings, shy away from this phrase.  But this is exactly what happens when one is saved.  The purpose of Calvary is to crucify the old man with Christ, thus freeing and separating us from sin and the sinful nature, and to create the new man alive in Christ to live in “righteousness and true holiness.”

Another most important question is, Will you believe it?  Will you do as the Bereans did and search the scriptures to see if what these old-time gospel songwriters are saying is true, or will you go along with the popular messages of the day?  Will you ask God to reveal to you the truth of the gospel that can “make you free”?   I pray that you will prayerfully read these old-time gospel songs and that they will be a blessing to you.